Parent Partnerships At Little Monsters Day Nursery

Developing Partnerships with Parents and Carers

MonsterWe actively encourage 3-way communication between children, staff and parents. We would ask that you help us to help your child by advising us of any special needs / circumstances as and when they arise. We, in turn, will be able to tell you how and what your child has done during the day, any ‘magical moments’ and / or any problems that may have occurred. We aim to have consistency of staff, in order that you can be confident that any trends / changes in any aspect of your child's behaviour / development will be noted promptly and discussed with you as and when necessary. We are here to support parents just as we support their children and welcome all feedback from children, parents, staff or visitors to the setting.

MonsterObservational & developmental assessments are undertaken and updated regularly by the child's key person and are available at all times for discussion with parents / carers. Staff will keep you informed of your child's daily progress. We also hold an open day / consultation day once or twice a year for you to discuss your child's progress formally with their key worker. (For more information on the keyworker system, please speak to one of our practitioners.)

We have a very open policy with our parents and work on the basis that, if a problem should arise, we ask you to tell us immediately, in order that we can act and rectify it. A private meeting room is available if you need to discuss anything in confidence, away from the children.

Parents are asked to provide disposable nappies and creams as required. In addition, we would ask that all children be provided with a labelled bag, containing a spare set of clothes and suitable outdoor clothing for the weather conditions. All items brought into nursery should be clearly labelled to ensure they are returned to the correct owner.

MonsterWe try to keep parents up to date via our newsletters, which are produced approximately every 2 months. We also display notices on the doors into the playrooms and throughout the Reception Areas advising parents of what's on and any infectious illnesses which may be present in the nursery.

We are more than happy to support children with additional needs and work well with outside agencies, such as Social Services, Speech & Language Therapists, Common Assessment Framework teams, etc.

Theme Days

MonsterWe generally have a theme day just about every week, so you need to be on your toes!

The theme days are sometimes related to special days - eg national holidays, or to the sort of things we are learning about in nursery. They can range from bringing in an object from home or wearing a certain colour, to making Easter bonnets and fancy dress parties.

If families have a specific cultural interest / connection, we will work with them to ensure their celebrations are included too.

MonsterSome examples of recent theme days include:

Dressing up Days (eg soldiers, people who care for us, animals, story characters, national costumes, cowboys & Indians, superheroes)

Fancy Dress Parties (eg Christmas, Halloween)

World Cup Wednesday

Pyjama Party

Teddy Bears' Picnic>

Colours & Shapes Day

Beach Party

Make a Splash Day

Wearing green for St Patrick's Day, yellow for St David's Day, tartan for Burns Night / St Andrew's Day, red & white for St George's Day, stars & stripes for American Independence Day, red, white & blue for Bastille Day, bright colours for Diwali, etc.

Food tasting for Chinese New Year, or on specific days - eg fruit, vegetables, different breads, etc.

Visits & Visitors

MonsterWe welcome a variety of visitors to the nursery, including the Fire Brigade, Police Officers and Ambulance drivers, the 'Lollipop Lady', vicar, a blind lady (complete with guide dog) and a local farmer with his tractor to name but a few.

We even have people bringing animals in to show the children, including puppies, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a lizard!

Every year at harvest time, we take the children to the local church for their own harvest festival.

We regularly take the children on walks around the local area to see the animals and learn about road safety and to the local park, only a few hundred metres from the nursery, where they can enjoy the larger playground equipment.

At Little Monsters We Like to Keep You Up To Date With Our Newsletters

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Testimonials From Parents Whos Children We Have Cared For

Here follows just a few comments received from parents.
(The names have been abbreviated for reasons of confidentiality.)

“We have been more than happy with the care you have given E since she started at Little Monsters. Your staff have always been very attentive / helpful and E has made a lot of friends there. I have recommended the nursery to many of my friends, and I hope you can accommodate my new baby when I return to work.” – Mrs W – July 12

“I would like to thank you for your continued care of I, who is very happy at Little Monsters.  With the events of these last few months to have her so well settled has been incredibly reassuring.  A huge ‘thank you’.” – Miss W – July 12

“I would like to say a huge thank you to you & all your staff that I have got to know over the last 6 years.  S has had a wonderful time at Little Monsters and made some good friends.  I know he will be sad to leave you behind.  I am sure your new intake of little monsters will be as happy as my two have been.” – Mrs D – July 12

“H has absolutely loved his time at Little Monsters & has developed into an extremely sociable & friendly little boy, which we know will help him immensely when he starts his next journey at school.  I can’t believe time has gone so quickly & I know H will be very sad to leave.  It’s a shame they can’t stay 4 years old forever!” – Mrs T – July 12

“E thoroughly enjoys her time with you and benefits greatly from the care and attention she is constantly given.  Thank you.” – Mrs W – July 12

"F & A are very happy at LM & gain enormous benefit just from 1 day a week. ... The keyworkers provide clear, concise, knowledgeable & caring feedback at the consultations. It was made very clear to us that they care about the children and it isn't just a job. ... The nursery is run in a professional & caring manner & we are very pleased we chose you." - Mr & Mrs D - May 12

"Thank you and all your fabulous staff for making D's time at nursery not only friendly & enjoyable, but educational as well. You and your team's support have been most appreciated & invaluable. ... His time at nursery has prepared him well for his next chapter in life." - Mrs KD - July 10

"Thanks for providing a great place for P to come she loves it!" - Ms SM - Dec 09

"We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work You have an excellent team & we would recommend LM to any parent I have never had reason to question the level of care. In our eyes it is second to none." - Mr & Mrs L, July 2009

"C has come on leaps & bounds since his 1st session. He has really enjoyed LM & will be sad to leave!" - Mr MD (Dad) Aug 09

"You have always been courteous, professional & very approachable & I have, and will continue to recommend LM." - Ms SC (Mum), Jul 09

"I have been enormously happy with the continual support, care & education you have provided for our children not to mention the excellent catering!" - Mrs AM (Mum), July 2009

Thank you for all the care & support you have provided for W and for all the really thoughtful gifts over the Xmas period ~ particularly the wonderful calendar." - Mr & Mrs L, Dec 09

"A BIG thank you for doing such a good job of caring for & nurturing H We couldn't ask for a better start for her. She has always felt happy & secure at LM, giving us peace of mind & the confidence to leave her in capable hands." - Mr & Mrs S, July 2008

"When we were looking for nurseries, we had no idea we would find anywhere this good" "Better than I could have hoped for." - Mr NC (Dad), Mar 2008

"I'm too old to have children of my own now, but if I had, I'd definitely be bringing them here" - Mr KH, Derbys Health & Safety - Apr 08