Caring For Your Child At Little Monsters Day Nursery

Child(ren)'s Health and Wellbeing

MonsterCaring for the children and promoting their health and well-being are our priorities. Every child is greeted by a member of staff upon arrival and time is taken to chat to parents and exchange any pertinent information about the child. We encourage the children to say 'goodbye' to their parent / carer and settle into the playroom, confident in the knowledge that they will be collected later and able to wave through the window as the parent leaves. Any child who is upset when their parent leaves, is offered comfort & support with a practitioner they trust on a 1:1 until they feel able to join the rest of the group.

MonsterOur settling in policy takes into account that all children (and parents) are individuals and we allow for personal preferences to help children settle in as quickly as possible. Some parents choose to bring the child for trial sessions, gradually increasing the length of time away from each other, whilst others prefer just to start as they intend to go on! We are flexible and work with you on this. Especially with the younger babies, it can often be more traumatic for the parent than the child, so we actively encourage parents to telephone throughout the day to find out how their child is getting on.

MonsterWe operate a very open policy with our parents and both the Unit Supervisors and the Proprietors are available at any time, should you have any issues to discuss. Appointments are not always necessary and we have a private meeting room, away from the children, which can be used for confidential discussions. All we ask of parents is that, if they do have a problem with something we are doing, they let us know, so that we can sort it out. Should a problem not be resolved by the Supervisor or Proprietor, through our complaints procedure, then we would refer the parent to Ofsted, contact details for which are available upon request or within the policies & procedures file in the Reception Area.

Policies & Procedures

The policies & procedures at Little Monsters Day Nursery are underpinned by our firm commitment to treat all children as individuals.

All of our policies and procedures are available in the Reception Area for viewing at any time.

If you have any comments or queries on any aspects of the policies, please speak to the Proprietor.

Qualified and Caring Team

MonsterOur team of dedicated professionals is a credit to the nursery and supports our goal of providing top quality childcare in a happy, friendly atmosphere.

The vast majority of staff are already qualified to NVQ3 level, with the remainder currently undergoing training to level 3. Two members of our team have achieved their Foundation Degrees and a third is due to start in September 2014. We actively encourage vocational training and courses throughout the year for all staff members and volunteers. We try to ensure a wide age range of adults working with the children, giving the children a variety of different experiences and role model figures!

Our aim is always to have all staff trained in paediatric first aid, food safety and safeguarding.

MonsterThroughout the nursery, we have a mixture of full and part time practitioners, most working a full day, so that there is consistency for the children and parents throughout every day. Staff absences & holidays are covered by the part timers (who are well-known within the nursery), which ensures that there are always familiar faces looking after the children. We do not use Agency staff.

We aim to maintain our low turnover of staff and some practitioners have been with the nursery for more than 8 years. We have a mother & daughter team in the Baby Unit; several practitioners who have been away on maternity leave have returned to part time positions and we have had several practitioners who have returned to Little Monsters following on from student / work experience placements, apprenticeships, or temporary contracts.

MonsterAs part of the recruitment process all positions are subject to a CRB enhanced disclosure and 4 references (of which at least 2 must be professional).

We do take work experience students, but never more than 1 in each room and they are supervised at all times.

We Aim To Achieve the Highest Outcomes for Your Child

Ofsted judges the quality of a nursery setting against 5 outcomes for children. We aim to show how well we perform in these outcomes as follows:

Being Healthy

MonsterWe encourage the children to be healthy in many ways; through the food and drink we provide, the advice we give to parents, the personal hygiene routines we demonstrate and the activities we prepare & undertake. These activities include brain gyms, workouts, physical exercise, coordination activities, action songs, etc.

We endeavour to provide a nutritional, well-balanced diet for those children for whom we cater throughout the day and encourage all children through various activities and role modelling to eat healthily. If required, we can also advise those parents providing their own foods on the healthy options available for their individual child(ren).

We have respect for the individual's choice, such as vegetarian or vegan diets and any medical conditions, eg allergies that may affect the food choices made. We promote good personal hygiene at all times by example and repetition, eg always washing hands before eating and after toileting.

We provide a non-smoking environment and make good use of the outdoor space we have available.

Staying Safe

MonsterWe do our best to ensure that children are safe through our risk assessments and general policies. We safeguard children from harm by actively promoting a kind and caring atmosphere in which all children can grow in confidence.

All staff / volunteers are taken on subject to criminal records bureau checks and references. We have and will implement an anti-bullying policy.

Little Monsters Day Nursery is committed to keeping the children in their care safe and well and providing opportunities to encourage their development.

The welfare of the children is always our primary consideration. We will involve other agencies if required and this statement will bind all associated with this setting.

Enjoying and Acieving

MonsterWe do our best to ensure that the activities we provide are varied, interesting, stimulating and challenging for all children, whatever their ability. The ethos of the nursery is 'learning through play'. (See our play policy.)

We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage. We use our observations to inform planning and encourage the children's development in all areas.

By providing a wide range of activities and opportunities for the children to explore & experiment at first hand, as well as by monitoring their progress through observations, we can ensure that they are enjoying what they are doing and achieving their full potential.

Making A Positive Contribution

MonsterWe encourage the children to develop good social skills and to grow into good citizens, with a respect for other cultures, religions and beliefs within an inclusive environment. We ensure that the children learn to understand that they have choices and are able to shape their own environment and future. All parents and children are treated with equal concern and respect for individual differences.

We help the children to make a positive contribution by providing good role models and having an effective equalities and diversity policy, by embracing different cultures and religions and by raising funds for carefully selected charities. We reward good behaviour with lots of praise and work in partnership with parents to ensure the children understand the importance of building good relationships with peers and adults.

Developing Skills for the Future

MonsterThrough our 'Empowering Children' policy, we provide an environment in which the children are encouraged to seek self-sufficiency and independence, in preparation for later life. By providing quality childcare, parents also have the opportunity to improve their own economic well-being, thus contributing to the community in general.

By providing a safe and secure environment, in which both the child and parents are confident, we can hopefully have a positive impact on the child's economic well-being.

Food and Nutrition is Vital Part of Children’s Development

MonsterLittle Monsters Day Nursery was very proud to be one of the first companies in Burton upon Trent to be awarded with a 5 star food safety rating from the ESBC inspection (formerly Environmental Health). This was first awarded in November 2007 and encompasses all food preparation processes and risk assessments. The inspection is repeated approximately every 18 months and we continue to’ to maintain this high standard at all times.

Whilst we ask parents to provide food for babies in line with Ofsted's recommendations, we provide a very well balanced and nutritional diet for the toddlers & preschool children.

MonsterFor children aged 2 and above, we provide a healthy mid-morning snack of fruit & veg, eg carrot, cucumber & celery with a choice of milk, water or diluted, sugar-free cordial . Lunch (at noon) consists of a hot meal, eg shepherd's pie, kedgeree, mild chilli or curry, etc, followed by a dessert, such as jelly, instant whip, or birthday cake, again accompanied by milk, water or cordial. Afternoon tea (served at approximately 3.30pm) consists of a choice of sandwiches (eg ham, cheese, jam, chicken, tuna, etc) and crackers, followed by vegetables and a large selection of fresh / dried fruits (with milk, water or cordial).

MonsterAll of the food we offer is freshly prepared on the premises, with no added salt or unnecessary sugar and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (served separately or pureed into a sauce). We do not serve processed foods, such as chicken nuggets or packet potato mix. All of our sauces (eg Bolognese, curry) are made from scratch on the premises. The children even get their own homemade birthday cakes! Special dietary needs may be catered for by prior arrangement and close liaison with parents on a case-by-case basis. Drinking water is available at all times throughout the day and children are encouraged to serve themselves.

MonsterWe believe that part of our remit is to help the children grow to be sociable and caring citizens. Therefore good table manners and personal hygiene are actively encouraged at all times.

In the Baby Unit, where parents provide the food for the children, we would always offer healthy foods / snacks before less healthy foods. All foods brought in to nursery are stored appropriately (mostly in the fridge) in baskets labelled with the children's names until they are ready to be consumed.

Sickness and Illness

MonsterParents are requested not to send their child to nursery if suffering from any infectious illness (including sickness and diarrhoea) or if they are not well enough to attend. Please let us know if your child is not attending nursery for any reason. Parents are also requested to inform the nursery if their child contracts any illness or disease that may prove harmful to other children or staff.

If your child shows signs of being ill or becomes sick at nursery, we will make every effort to contact you on the phone numbers provided to us. We will monitor your child closely and provide cuddles and comfort as needed.

MonsterWe follow the guidelines provided by Staffordshire County Council, the NHS and General Practitioners with regard to exclusion times, symptoms & the containment of infectious diseases. In the interests of all who use the nursery, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any child, parent or visitor, who we believe to be unwell or suffering from any contagious illness.

Physiotherapists, Health Visitors or other health professionals are welcome by prior arrangement.