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Little Monsters  Nursery School Little Monsters  Nursery School

Little Monsters provides a professional, yet informal, home-from-home environment, in which children thrive and feel secure. We work very well in partnership with parents to ensure that home routines are closely mirrored; particularly vis-à-vis meal and sleep times (especially for babies and very young children).

MonsterOur caring and enthusiastic practitioners are well qualified and provide a happy, relaxed environment, in which wide and varied ranges of activities are tailored to suit each individual’s needs (both child-initiated and adult-led).

MonsterMost of all, we provide an environment where the children enjoy their play – both inside and outside – and achieve their full potential, ready for starting school.

MonsterThe nursery is housed within a renovated Victorian period property with a large single-storey extension, set around an inner courtyard. All children are cared for on ground level, and the entire building has excellent disabled / pushchair access.

MonsterThe ground floor of the main house provides a lovely, homely space for our youngest children, which can be adapted to suit the needs of the children we have in at that time. We aim to make best use of the space by being flexible and sharing the space, ensuring that all children’s needs are met and they have the best experience possible.

MonsterThe Toddler Room is also within the main house and can easily accommodate up to 12 x toddlers. It comprises a large open play room with sand & water play, a creative table and double-glazed French windows opening directly out to the garden for outdoor play. There is a role play corner and a quiet area with cushions for relaxing with books and stories and most of the toys are at ground floor level for easy access by the children. At sleep times, an area is separated off, and cot mattresses are laid out to provide plenty of space and a calm environment, conducive to taking a nap, while those not having a sleep have the opportunity to play in a different area.

MonsterThe large dining kitchen within the house gives plenty of room for both the babies and toddlers to eat together and is also used for messy play activities throughout the day. There are 2 separate toilet / changing areas within the space, which can be utilised by either / both age groups.

MonsterThe fact that the 2 age groups work so closely together makes the transition from Baby Room to Toddlers seamless and easy for both children, parents and practitioners and is often a gradual process as the child develops and is ready for the next step. Minimum ratios of 1:3 for under 2s and 1:4 for 2 year olds are maintained at all times.

MonsterThe single storey extension attached to the main house caters for all of the older children in 2 separate areas. Both rooms are organised in a similar way and we aim to again provide seamless transition between the groups.

MonsterTweenies is the smaller of the 2 areas and caters for up to 16 x 2½ to 3½ year olds at any one time. There is a hard floor area for messy play and mealtimes and a larger, carpeted area for general play. This is zoned to cover all the different areas of learning and development. The large playroom has easy access to toys, writing materials and other resources, a sand and water play table, painting easel, etc.

MonsterA double-glazed door opens directly onto the inner courtyard, where the children can enjoy many outdoor activities in a safe, enclosed space at any time. (The children also use the front garden at various times throughout the day, where there is more room to run and stretch their legs.)

MonsterAn archway leads from the main playroom to the quiet and creative area, where the children can enjoy stories, reading and more writing and colouring activities, as well as circle time. There are also toilets and changing facilities adjacent to this room that are freely accessible to the children at all times and a small kitchen area for preparing snacks and drinks (not accessible to the children).

MonsterPre School caters for children from around 3½ in a deceptively large and spacious playroom, with zones such as construction, music, role-play, small world, technology and, of course a quiet area for reading / stories and generally relaxing. We can have up to 24 children in this room. There is always a writing table, for the children to practise their emergent writing and mark making skills and an easel for painting. Sand and water play are also always available for the children to access whenever they want to.

MonsterFrom the time that the children move into Pre School, we are preparing them for school, by focussing on the skills they will need to make that successful transition. For example, the activities are gradually more challenging and we ask more in depth questions of the children. We also help them to develop their listening, negotiating & reasoning skills, as well as ensuring that can focus and concentrate for longer periods of time.

MonsterWe continue to develop their understanding of the 4 core British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, with boundaries, discussion and role modelling good behaviour.

Monster For some of the day, we aim to have a free-flow system in operation for indoor / outdoor play, which means that the children can come and go between the playroom and the front garden as and when they want to.

MonsterThere is a sizeable hard floor area, which is used for messy play and mealtimes and a separate bathroom, to which the children have access at all times.

MonsterThe Main Kitchen is located behind the Pre School playroom and this is where our dedicated nursery cook prepares and cooks all the meals and snacks from fresh for all children aged 1 and above (see page on food & nutrition).

Outdoor Play Spaces

Monster Little Monsters has several outdoor areas and the children really enjoy using them at all times and all year round. They especially love playing outside in the evenings, when it is dark! We believe that outdoor play is a vital part of a child’s day and it is actively encouraged at all ages and stages of development. During the warmer months, we use portable gazebos to provide shade for the children, whilst during the winter months, we have outside lighting to enable day-long, year-round outdoor play.

Monster The main front garden is enclosed behind metal railings, set back from the property boundary and includes both lawn and paved areas. It has been extended and raised beds / borders installed for the children to have a go at growing their own fruit, vegetables and flowers and gardening has proved to be a very popular activity, with all ages taking part. There is a variety of play equipment, including a climbing frame, picnic table, slides, a sand pit, easel and a playhouse, as well as a good selection of ride-on toys, trikes and cars. The children also enjoy playground and parachute games in this lovely, open space.

MonsterThe smaller front garden is also enclosed behind metal railings in front of the main house and is mainly grass. This is predominantly used by the Babies and Toddlers, as it has direct access from the house, and is quite well shaded, making it perfect for all-day long play. There is a gate between the 2 front gardens, providing flexibility for the younger children to be separate from the older ones, or to enable them to join in together.

MonsterThe courtyard has a soft rubber surface and, again has a good variety of resources, including ride-on toys, a playhouse, a sand pit, easel and workbench, etc. It has the added bonus of being completely enclosed, so the children feel totally safe and secure. There are also planters for the children to grow and nurture more fruit and vegetables.

MonsterFor a change of scene, we also take the children (with parental permission) for short walks off the premises. We either turn right out of nursery and make our way to the grassed public play area to enjoy the larger equipment (swings, slides and seesaws) just a short walk away or we had left towards the village to see if we can see any animals or even to collect eggs or ice cream from the vending machines at the farm!

Babies (3 months to approx 18-20 months)

Baby Unit at Little Monsters  Nursery School Baby Unit at Little Monsters  Nursery School Baby Unit at Little Monsters  Nursery School

MonsterOur objective is to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible for both babies and parents. We know from our own experience how hard it can be to leave your baby, so we try to mirror the home environment as far as we possibly can, particularly with regard to sleeping and feeding patterns. As the child settles in, grows and develops, we gradually help to establish their routine, in preparation for moving up to the Toddler Room around 18-20 months.

MonsterWe encourage regular dialogue with parents, ensuring that we make time both at the beginning of the session (when you hand your child over to us) and at the end (when you collect your child). We listen to what parents / carers have to tell us about changes to routines, or developmental progress since the child was last in nursery and we, in turn, provide feedback to parents about what the child has been doing during the day, including any achievements or milestones the child has made whilst at nursery.

MonsterWe provide a written record for parents to take home, which provides information on how much the child has eaten / drank at each meal / snack time, nappy changes and sleep times, as well as what they have been doing and how they have been during the day. If we have any concerns about your child during the day, we will contact you immediately. Likewise, parents are welcome to phone the nursery at any time to check on their child.

MonsterThe priority in the Baby Room is close individual and personal attention. We give the babies & children lots of cuddles, along with constant stimulation through talking and playing with them, listening and joining in with music and songs, in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. This goes hand-in-hand with our key person system, which provides parents with a dedicated practitioner, who will be their first point of contact in the nursery.

MonsterThe activities in the Baby Room are very diverse; from the very energetic action songs, ball pools, dancing and workouts via lots of hands-on messy play games (paint, gloop, jelly, water, sand, pasta, shaving foam, etc) to quieter times for stories, crayoning and relaxing. There is a mix of adult-focussed and child led activities throughout the day and the toys are regularly rotated (and sterilised!). All babies / children are encouraged to participate and activities are adapted to suit each individual’s needs and age / stage of development.

MonsterWe ask parents to provide food for the youngest babies, but we offer the option of us providing all meals, snacks & drinks from the age of 1 year old.

MonsterThe children’s learning is also reinforced through our many fun theme days, from ‘wear a specific colour’ day and teddy bears’ picnics to fancy dress parties and fundraising for charities such as Barnardo’s and Children in Need.

Toddlers (approx 18/20 months to 30/32 months)

Toddler Room at Little Monsters  Nursery School Toddler Room at Little Monsters  Nursery School Toddler Room at Little Monsters  Nursery School

MonsterThe routine in the Toddler Room is slightly more structured than in the Baby Room, as most children respond well to routine because it empowers them to be confident and aware of the world around them.

MonsterOne of the main aims of the Toddler Room is to develop the children’s personal, social and emotional skills, together with their speech and communication skills. We encourage development in these areas by showing the children how to share and take turns with other children. Using positive role modelling, we support the children while they learn how to establish relationships with peers and adults and develop social skills, such as good table manners and personal hygiene routines. We work very much with a ‘learning through play’ ethos, where the children have a big input and a great deal of choice of the activities they undertake. There are always lots of singing, music and fun activities for the children to enjoy - both indoors and outside in one of the 3 outdoor play areas.

MonsterThroughout the day, there are times when the children are in larger groups and times when they are in small groups or enjoying 1:1 time with their key person or other practitioner. For example, during registration time, children will chat with practitioners about what they have been doing at home, the days of the week, weather, sing the welcome song and listen to short stories. Story time, singing, outdoor play, mealtimes and brain gyms are times when all of the children join together.

MonsterWe continue the observation & planning process started in the Baby Room, whereby the practitioners observe the children at play, assess what they need to move their development forward and then plan activities to inspire the children to take these next steps along their developmental journey, using the children’s individual interests as the basis for selecting the activities.

MonsterPotty / toilet training is undertaken in partnership with parents, as and when the child is ready – whether in the Baby / Toddler Room, Tweenies or Pre School. Our practitioners will support parents and children during this (sometimes difficult!) time, concentrating on progress and rewarding achievements.

MonsterLittle Monsters was chosen to be involved in a pilot scheme, known as ‘The Unique Toddler Project’, which underlines our commitment to continuing to promote best practice within the Toddler age group and provide the best, most tailored experience for our toddlers in the setting.

Tweenies (aged approx 30/32 months to approx 42 months)

MonsterJust as the Toddler Room has more structure than the Baby Room, the Tweenies room is another stepping-stone on the journey towards school. We place more emphasis on developing children’s independence and preparing them for life in school, without moving away from our ethos of making learning fun and learning through play.

MonsterFor children moving up from Toddlers, we start the transition process when we feel they are ready for the next step. They will be taken (if possible by their key person) into Tweenies to play for an hour or so, then over a mealtime, or for a sleep, so that they gradually build up to a full day.

MonsterThe children participate in self-registration, learning to recognise first their first names, then their surnames too. At circle time (both in the morning and afternoon), we look at the day’s weather and talk about the day, date, month, season, etc. The children are actively encouraged to share experiences from home or tell stories. .

MonsterPotty / toilet training is undertaken in partnership with parents, as and when the child is ready. Our practitioners will support parents and children during this (sometimes difficult!) time. There is no requirement for a child to be toilet trained before moving to the next room.

MonsterThe children in Tweenies also put on an annual Christmas production for parents & family members, which is great fun!

Pre School (aged approx 42 months and over)

Pre School at Little Monsters  Nursery School Pre School at Little Monsters  Nursery School Pre School at Little Monsters  Nursery School

MonsterThe Pre School is for children from around 3 ½ years to school age (and beyond in the out of school club). As with the transition from Toddlers to Tweenies, children move up when we feel they are ready for more structure and the Pre School environment.

MonsterChildren’s learning is planned, delivered and evaluated to ensure that they receive broad based experiences and knowledge to help them prepare for the transition from nursery to primary school. The children are observed and assessed to ensure that their experiences build on the skills and knowledge that each child already possesses. These observations are used to inform planning and ensure that the children are empowered to reach the next step on their individual ladder towards the early learning goals.

MonsterWe continue to encourage and support the children’s development in both the 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning and development by providing a wide variety of resources and activities to help them play and explore both individually and in groups. There is a greater emphasis on emergent writing skills, letter, number & colour recognition, and early numeracy and literacy skills.

MonsterThey play word games, where they are shown individual letters of the alphabet and name objects that start with the same letter – just some of the skills that will help them when they start to learn to read. We work with the Letters and Sounds framework throughout the day to help the children develop their language skills.

MonsterThe children use maths to count children and compare whether there are more boys than girls, sort themselves into groups by the colour of their clothes, etc. This type of activity - whilst being fun for the children - also helps develop mathematical concepts and language in a fun way.

MonsterWe do have some ICT toys and equipment, but this is not the main focus of the children’s learning. We prefer to encourage them to communicate with each other to learn to read body language, to use their own imagination and natural curiosity and develop fine and gross motor skills by practising them in lots of different situations. We provide lots of opportunities for the children to be creative and think critically, providing a wide range of resources for them to access at will. We encourage the children to sit with books and build towers, rather than spend time in front of a computer screen.


As in all rooms, the Pre School children have a big input on the choice of activities and toys and we are currently working towards a free-flow system, where the children can make full use of both the large front garden, courtyard and the spacious playrooms, coming and going as they want to.

MonsterAs with Tweenies, the children also put on an annual Christmas production for parents & family members, which is great fun!!

MonsterThere is no requirement for children to be toilet trained before joining Pre School, although this is very much encouraged.


Of the 24 places in Pre School, up to 6 will be offered as split places.

MonsterThe 5-10 year old school pupils use the places from 8.00 am to 8.40 am and 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. The 3–5 year old nursery children from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm during term time. These short day places continue through the school holidays and can be utilised by those doing short days during term-time or 5-8 year olds. Similarly, children aged 5-8 years can also attend for half or full days on a regular or ad-hoc basis, to suit parents’ needs.


Out of School Club

MonsterWe run a small out of school club, with drop offs to and collections from The Mosley Academy in Anslow. Holiday club places are also available to children from any school subject to availability.

MonsterBefore School, depending upon their arrival time, the children usually play with the younger children or do some drawing or colouring until 8.30am when they are taken to school. After school, there is usually more time, so the children have their tea and are then given choices as to what they want to do and where they want to do it (in or outside). The children are involved in planning activities and designing their own greetings cards, eg at Christmas / Easter time, etc. There is also the opportunity for children to read to members of staff and / or complete any homework tasks, so they have more time to relax at home.

MonsterAs the after school club is predominantly aimed at siblings of nursery children, they often wish to join in with their younger brothers / sisters. The aim is to give the older children time to relax after a day at school, with the opportunity to do their homework before they go home if they want to. It is a very relaxed environment and the after school children are involved in planning their own activities, or choosing what to do spontaneously.

MonsterWherever possible, the journeys to & from school are made on foot with two members of staff. In inclement weather (or when we know the children will have lots to carry), we will use the nursery vehicle (currently a Renault Traffic 9 seater) to transport the children to and from school. We just ask that parents remember to ensure their children have suitable coats / hats for the weather!

MonsterDuring the holidays, children have the choice of joining in with the younger (preschool) children or doing their own activities.

Reserving a Place

MonsterIf you wish your child to attend Little Monsters Day Nursery, we request a non-returnable booking fee of £50.00 per child (or £40.00 per child if enrolling 2 or more children at the same time), which is required with your completed child application form and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. We will then send you further forms and a contract to confirm your reservation.

In order to provide sufficient continuity and to enable us to provide the best quality childcare and education, the minimum number of sessions for part-time children is 2 sessions per week (morning or afternoon), or 1 full day.

Payment Terms

MonsterAll fees are payable one month in advance, due on the first day of each month.

A non-refundable booking fee of £50.00 is required for each place reserved and should be sent in with completed child application form.

All sessions missed, for example, through holidays or illness are payable in full, with the exception of bank holidays & Christmas.

One full month’s notice is required in writing should a child leave the nursery or reduce their attendance and one month’s fees will be charged should notice not be given.

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